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There are many dog behavioural problems, which when understood properly can be corrected by addressing the underlying issue. By combining training with dog psychology I can help you fix these problems by tackling the main cause instead of just treating the symptoms of it.

Are you struggling with any of these issues or more?



Mouthing & biting

Fearful & nervous

Separation anxiety

Hyperactive & obsessive

Pulling on the leash

Running away

I can help! In just one session at your home, completely tailored to you and your dog’s needs, we will be able to address any dog behavioural problems you may be facing. By understanding your dog’s natural and individual history I will show you not only how to correct the problem, but also help you discover why the behaviour developed in the first place and how to prevent it from recurring for the rest of your dog’s life. Your dog has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon.

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Behavioural Problems: Service
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