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We had the best experience working with Sophie to help us train our dog Goldie. She talked us through all of the elements that we needed help with, and also explained things in a way that made us understand the behaviours that we needed to change to better the outcome of Goldie's training as well. She helped us to see where we were going wrong and simple changes we could make to alter her behaviour. The change in her was seen straight away, especially when it came to walking on the lead. Sophie is a lovely and delightful person that we absolutely trust and will always go back to see when we need help. Thank you Sophie! - Megan & Paul



Oh my gosh! Having a puppy can be a tough road to go down. Believe me, I've had some really rough rides. But it turns out I never needed to. Who knew? If I had met Sophie 40 years ago, I would have had a much smoother road. She walked in and Sydney was immediately calm. As if he didn't need to be the boss anymore. No worries. He literally went into another room and played with a toy for about an hour! Sophie taught us the basic rules of dog behavior and how to put them into action. It was easy and after she left we had a new dog. This is not hyperbole and I'm not being paid to say this. Her fee was worth every penny! Thank you Sophie! - Ron & Mark



We needed a trainer that understood our struggles and put our family at the heart of the solution. Sophie’s professional approach ticks all the boxes and she has a solution for every problem . Sophie is great at identifying areas for improvements and tweaking our technique to help us achieve a better outcome! She is not only a fantastic dog trainer, she’s a brilliant human coach too!! Our puppy is now thriving and we are learning together so quickly. We can’t thank her enough. - Manuela


Ada & Dodge

We were having quite a few issues with our adolescent dog and our 7 month old pup. Consulted Sophie about our issues and her help and guidance has been invaluable! I thought I'd read and learned everything I needed to know but was pleasantly surprised to learn things I'd totally overlooked. I now have calm pups that listen and are contented. I would recommend Sophie to anyone who needs training advice that really works. - Keziah Toomey



Sophie gave us excellent guidance in helping us better understand Otis’ behaviour and the simple yet effective changes we could make for him to become calmer at home and during his walks. Thank you Sophie :) - Brian

Cookapoo Dog


Sophie came to our house and was amazing, so calm that Eddie didn't bark or jump or do any of the usual things when people come onto our property. She set us up with some easy to follow steps to improve Eddie's behaviour and after a few weeks of consistency, we have a much calmer boy. Highly recommend! - Kate



I was having terrible trouble with my Schnoodle Rosie having separation anxiety and howling the neighbourhood down when I would even take the bins out, let alone go do the shopping. Sophie taught me how to show Rosie that I was the Alpha and take the stresses of being pack leader back from her. I now have a happy Rosie and happy neighbours! Thanks Clever Canines, you have turned around a very stressful relationship with my pup :) - Chloe

Japanese Spitz.png


Saw immediate changes to our puppy's behaviour, great and practical advice. Sophie is really friendly and professional. Highly recommended! - Bo



I spent a very informative few hours with Sophie from Clever Canines. My Lowchen puppy was amazingly good around Sophie. I thought the dog would get some training but it was actually me that got the training, and helpful tips, and I really enjoyed the conversation and the advice.
I can thoroughly recommend Sophie to anyone that has a new puppy. - Sandy



Having not had a puppy for a long time, it was so helpful to have one on one training and we saw immediate good changes in our puppy's behaviour once we learnt how to treat unhelpful behaviour. I totally recommend Clever Canines to anyone looking for great quality training. - Angela

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Lulu & Cosmo

This was the best money ever spent! I really got such a good understanding of what was going on in my house. The dogs are so much better now. I highly recommend Clever Canines. Sophie is calm and so knowledgeable. - Noeline


Jack & Maisie

I would highly recommend Sophie and Clever Canines.
When we got our 2nd puppy we needed help walking them both together. We consulted Sophie, she was friendly and non judgmental and offered great easy advice to follow. Within a short space of time we could walk both puppies together. What is an added bonus with Sophie is she is only an email away, we had a TV issue with the puppy which I emailed to Sophie and she again offered great advice, after using her technique only twice we saw improvement. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie. - Julie



Sophie helped us with our very anxious Malshi who barked all day long. Her advice and tips we adopted brought progress within the first few days. With Sophie's sound advice we are confident our girl will lead a much calmer and happier home life. - Roz



Excellent advice, honest and practical. Rapid response to my request and flexible service! I truly felt listened to and valued the support thank you. - Julie



Sophie is awesome. She gave us advice which we are following and works! Highly recommended. - Janka

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