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1.1     I (the owner) hereby declare to CLEVER CANINES that I am the legal owner of the named dog; that my dog has not been exposed to distemper, rabies or parvo within the past (30) thirty days; that my dog has been vaccinated as indicated by records provided; and that my dog is currently licensed as required by Council.

1.2     I understand that the training area is a group play facility. I accept the positive benefits and inherent risks involved in this and agree that CLEVER CANINES will not be liable for any injuries or illnesses resulting during my dog’s attendance.

1.3     I understand that I am liable for any medical care expenses and damages that result from injuries caused by my dog.

1.4     I understand that I must advise CLEVER CANINES if my dog has a history of aggression or biting prior to entering the facility, and I will keep CLEVER CANINES informed of any changes to my dog’s behaviour. CLEVER CANINES reserves the right to refuse service for my dog.

1.5     I understand that I must advise CLEVER CANINES if my dog has any medical conditions prior to entering the facility. CLEVER CANINES reserves the right to refuse service for my dog.

1.6     I expressively waive and relinquish any and all claims against CLEVER CANINES, its employees and representatives, except those arising from negligence on the part of CLEVER CANINES.

1.7     I understand that under no circumstances will CLEVER CANINES be liable for indirect or consequential damage and its liability (if it arises) is limited to the replacement value of my dog.

1.8     If an emergency medical problem develops while my dog is in the care of CLEVER CANINES, I authorise CLEVER CANINES to do whatever they believe  is necessary for the safety, health, and well-being of my dog. I agree to assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred upon check out. In the event of an emergency, CLEVER CANINES will endeavour to contact me as soon as possible using the contact information I have provided.

1.9     I will provide documentation demonstrating that all vaccinations are current according to Veterinarian requirements (including Lepto’ and Kennel Cough (12 month) for Dogs). However, it must be understood even though all dogs at the training facility are vaccinated, this may not fully protect my dog. I understand my Vet will advise further.

1.10     These terms do not limit any liability of CLEVER CANINES under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

1.11     I understand that CLEVER CANINES has the right to refuse service to me and my dog at any time and for any reason.

1.12     I give permission for CLEVER CANINES to take and use photos of my dog to post on their social media sites.

1.13     I give permission for CLEVER CANINES to contact my veterinarian to confirm my dog is up to date with his/her vaccinations.


2.1     I understand that I must pay CLEVER CANINES in advance for any service being provided apart from 1-on-1 consultations, which can be paid on the day of the consultation.

2.2     Accepted methods of payment are direct credit (bank transfer) and Cash.

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